First of all, in answer to Darcy’s comment that probably expressed the questions of many of you  I am good.  Your grandson, great-grandson, nephew, great-nephew(don’t you feel old now, Darcy?), and our son has had a clean bill of health so far.  He is incredibly active and thankfully hasn’t discovered my ribs yet.  The Lamaze toy, Mortimer the Moose, is on his Christmas list if anyone is lost on what to get him.

On to Thanksgiving.  We almost made an impulse trip north but a snowstorm moved in and we decided not to risk it.  Instead, we drove out to a Christmas tree farm and picked up our tree.  The place was pretty awesome.  There are golden retrievers running around, entertaining the visitors as well as a small zoo complete with reindeer and an emu.  They offered authentic wagon rides as well (by authentic I mean the wagon was pulled by horses not tractors).  It will be fun to take Magnus out there next year and maybe we bring home a christmas puppy as well as a tree.

We found a great tree, but underestimated the width of it.  Height-weise it’s perfect but its wide berth takes up about half the width of the living room.

The cat thought Christmas came early, he loves trees.  I think its mostly due to the fact that there is now a water bowl within 3 feet of his bed.

The tree has been given a few days to acclimate to the house and will be decorated on Tuesday.  It has already made the house smell amazing.

We managed to find a tiny turkey and after the tree was taken care of Harry prepped and roasted it.  It turned out pretty good and complemented my mashed potatoes and cranberry conserve well.  Followed with a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert and all in all I think it turned out to be a pretty nice day.  The following shows the feast and you may even catch a glimpse of my protruding belly if you look close enough (no outie yet but the little one is working on it.)


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  1. Allie

    Glad your doing well… Cute belly!!! In response to Darcy Justine is coming home December seventh for the day it sounds like but only for a couple hours none of us will be getting to see her it sounds like or at least some o us… I hope she does well over seas cause she has no other choice!

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