Brave Kitty

I love snow, probably partially why I prefer Minnesota to any other states I have visited.  My theory being if its going to be cold then there should be snow on the ground.  It just seems to make the world feel warmer.  After suffering over the last couple of weeks as my Minnesota friends bragged about their accumulating pile, Illinois finally got its first substantial snowfall today.  As of noon today we had approximately 5 inches and it’s still coming down.  Feeling ambitious, I decided to sweep off the front and back stoops and see if the cat wanted to go out.  Surprisingly he did and actually went for a short romp in the snow before subcoming to the cold.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of Tigg huddling out in the white stuff (by the time I grabbed the camera he had retreated to the cleared back porch and I didn’t have the heart to send his shivering mass back out to the yard) but I did snag evidence of his treck.



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2 responses to “Brave Kitty

  1. Regina

    Yay! I can tell he loves it, can’t wait to get our first full snowfall. Had a little the other day but it didn’t last.Love It!

  2. charlen gabrielson

    Love that little kitty! Went to Duluth shopping today and to a hockey game. I left at the 3rd period. Duluth was ahead 8-0.

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