She’s Awesome!

The finishing touch to the nursery arrived today.  A few months ago I asked my sister to develop an art piece for the nursery as she’s a very talented watercolorist.  Once Harry has seen it and we hav figured out where to mount it I will share photos but for now they must be kept secret.  Her art tends to be abstract, a little to modern for some tastes but perfect for the limited focusing abilities of a newborn.  I can’t wait to get them on the wall.

In order to fully embarrass my sister and brag a bit about her talents, I’ve shared a couple of her previous works at the end of this post.  Thanks, Regina!!  They turned out beautiful!



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2 responses to “She’s Awesome!

  1. Regina

    Yep, thoroughly embarrassed, thanks sis, love you too!

  2. charlen gabrielson

    I am waiting. Excited to see it., but then I get excited about everthing!

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