Stockings and Bow Ties

I pushed my creative ability to the max this week.  Having been unable to find a quality Christmas stocking in the store I decided to make some myself.  Working without a sewing machine, I took this pattern and hand stitched 3 stockings for my 2 guys and me (the cat gets a tree every year for christmas so he doesn’t need a stocking).  Hand stitching was a little daunting but it turned out to be much easier and faster then I could have imagined.  The end result was better then I ever imagined.  

Can you guess who’s stocking is which?  If that wasn’t enough we decided that Magnus needed a bow tie for his Christmas outfit.  This proved to be a little easier and quicker but the end result was pretty nice.

Ignore the shirt/ tie combo, it was the first shirt I grabbed to try the tie with but it should look nice with his Christmas clothes.


All in all I think it was a pretty successful week.



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3 responses to “Stockings and Bow Ties

  1. Amy

    Everything looks great, Lacey! Your hard work definitley paid off.

  2. Regina

    That bow tie is amazing! And I know you told me which is which but I forget, so the top 1 is yours, middle is Harry’s, and bottom is Mag’s? Can’t wait to see you guys!

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