Old House Problems

We bought a house!  Its an older house (1955) but came with an awesome yard (1.89 Acres, cue happy dance) We’ll get to  how, where and when later, today I want to share with you our weekend discovery.  IMG_1971 A little background.  The day we moved in husband (I don’t have a catchy name for him yet) noticed paint peeling off the paneled wall in the picture. Further investigation showed that whoever painted the paneling neither sanded nor applied primer to the panels prior to painting, it would have to be removed before we could repaint the room.  It peeled off easily in sheets and created a huge mess. We got the three panels in the picture finished then took a break to clear the house of boxes. This weekend I decided to finish what we started and peel the rest of the paint off the paneling.  I worked in two phases, clear everything I could reach from the ground then climb the later for the last bit at the ceiling.  It was all fun and games until I got to the top and discovered this.  IMG_1970 Do you see the problem?  Let me zoom in for you.  IMG_1975

That, my friends is the former location of our return air vent.  Apparently in the 1950s they didn’t believe in completely enclosing such things in ductwork, thinking the wall cavity would suffice. (Update: apparently this is still common practice in residential construction so there may not be anything we need to do.)  Instead of painting the paneling we probably get to remove it and build some new ducts. Hopefully thats as far as the problem goes. The remaining 25% of paint will be staying on the paneling, I finished just enough to keep my OCD from flaring up.  There really isn’t any point in finishing the job if its going to disappear in the near future anyway.  Next step in this riveting saga is to bring in the experts to see how to fix it. Hopefully this is the worst of the problems we discover as we make our mark on this house but something tells me its got a few more secrets up its sleeve.


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