House Tour-Part 1

The yard is the crowning jewel of this property.  The house is old and the previous owners made some interesting decorating decisions, which means it needs a lot of work.  The property surrounding the house, on the other hand, is amazing.  There is more than enough space to do pretty much everything we want and still have room for the kids to run wild.  Here’s a tour, complete with current improvements and future plans.

We’ll start with the front:

IMG_3466When we moved in there were three separate/very weedy beds around the trees in the front yard.  Plans are in process to  convert the three into one large bed. Most of the work will be done in the spring but it has been laid out.  Weeding is a constant work in progress but definitely looks better than it did.


Here lies interesting decorating decision number one, the garden bed to the right of the front sidewalk.  There were 3 hostas and a bunch of pansies and marigolds haphazardly planted in it.  We though the house would look a little more finished if it disappeared so the hostas were relocated to the beds next to the house and everything else was pulled.  Come spring that patch of dirt will become grass and I think it’ll fit in much better.  The color of the house will probably change next year as well.


This row of bushes is situated approximately 6 feet inside the property line, which makes mowing a little more difficult.  These are also slated for removal in the near future but I’m hoping some industrious locals will give them new homes.

Now for my favorite part, the back:

IMG_3468 IMG_3467

This is directly behind the house.  I’m envisioning a swing in the big tree in the top photo while Harry is planning a ginormous garage on the other side of the tree. The garage location is heavily debated but thankfully we have a few years before the plan becomes reality.  We haven’t broken in the fire pit yet, maybe this weekend.

IMG_3475 IMG_3473 IMG_3472I’ve been lovingly referring to this area as the farm.  Its the clearing you can vaguely see in the back of the previous fire pit image.  This clearing will house the orchard, garden and possibly a chicken coop.  Plans are currently being developed for a fence to encircle the entire area.  We have a slight deer problem out here so a fence is a necessity.  I’m just a little excited about this area’s future potential.


I estimate that the clearing is about the halfway point of the property.  The rest of it is heavily wooded and accessible only through a series of trails.  From what we can tell the property backs onto a creek and while I’ve walked the trails I have yet to discover it.

To say that we feel blessed to have stumbled upon this house and been in the position to purchase it would be an understatement.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us here.


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